We’ve been asked a lot of questions about what people can and cannot bring, so we decided to put together some guidelines for the Picture Show at the park.

  1. HAVE FUN! Bring your kids and friends and have a cold brew with us ON a baseball field watching movies.  #MERICA
  2. Respect your neighbors.  If you came out with us before you’ll know there are signs on the field that show where the lawn chairs can be, and where the blankets go.  If you have a lawn chair in the blankets section you may be asked to move it back some.  And if you have a blanket in the lawn chair section, you may be reminded you can move up a little bit to avoid anyone obstructing your view.
  3. Be nice. We’re going to have more and more options for guests as we grow, and this will allow for more and more guests.  We just ask that everyone be nice and cool, calm…  Well, at least be FUN and nice!
  4. No puppies.  Until further notice, we will have to say no dogs at the Picture Show.  We’re open to suggestions on how to control any unwanted puppy droppings left behind, but as of now we cannot control this, and don’t want to be policing the event for this (that’s just no fun for anyone)!  If you have a suggestion about a Dog Day (we could even theme it with “Homeward Bound” or something crazy), or how to make our shows dog Friendly, please send us an email here.
  5. No outside food or drink.  We’re doing our best to help our beneficiaries and keep these events going strong for a long time to come, and a large part of that is to keep a food truck, concessions, vendors, and beverages flowing!  Please don’t bring any outside food or drink, and know that our food and beverage will be cheap (not to mention it’s all helping to raise money for the event).

That said, we will think of everything we can think of to keep you coming, and keep you happy!  Send us any suggestions you have at any time 🙂

Thanks and see you soon!